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With the ALL-ACCESS PD Pass, participants can access all of the Master Classes, Online Workshops, Podcast PD, and the Members-Only Library! 

100+ Hours of Professional Learning Credit

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The Google Classroom Master Class

The Google Slides Master Class

The Google Meet Master Class

The Zoom Master Class

The Dynamic Learning Workshop

The Blended Learning with Google Workshop

Includes access to ALL future master classes and workshops!

Members-Only Library of ebooks and cheat sheets!

Podcast PD (with credit certificates and new content each week!)

ALL courses are asynchronous - move at your own pace!

Get credit for every course! (unlimited professional learning credit)

More than 100 hours of PD credit (with more added all the time)!

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Includes ALL Master Classes

What is a Master Class? Our Master Classes are generally, app-focused training to give K-12 teachers the skills they need to integrate technology tools meaningfully in their classroom. These are all fully online, self-paced, courses.

The Google Classroom Master Class is our most popular master class, but we have master classes on Google Meet, Zoom, and Google Slides, with more coming soon!

Any master classes added in the future will be included in the ALL-ACCESS PASS!

Includes ALL Workshops

What is a Workshop? Our online workshops are the online version of Kasey Bell's face-to-face workshops. Each workshop is aligned with her books. (Books are required!) These are all fully online, self-paced, courses. 

The Blended Learning with Google Workshop is our most popular workshop! Through this companion course and the Blended Learning with Google book, participants will learn best practices in technology integration, Google tips, and how to plan meaningful blended learning experiences for students.

Any workshops added in the future will be included in the ALL-ACCESS PASS!

Podcast PD

(Audio Courses with Credit!)

Get professional learning credit for listening to podcasts!

The Shake Up Learning Show is a weekly podcast hosted by edtech expert Kasey Bell. The show features a variety of episodes for K12 teachers and educators, including tech tips, lesson ideas, practical advice, on-air coaching, student interviews, and interviews with inspiring educators. With over 100 episodes released, you will find topics designed to help classroom teachers, educational leaders, tech coaches, and more. 

Solo Episodes: Kasey takes the reigns and shares her expertise in technology, curriculum, and pedagogy.

On-Air Coaching Episodes: Kasey coaches a teacher through improving a lesson using the Impact Cycle model.

Student Interviews: Kasey gets the inside scoop from students.

Inspiring Educator Interviews: Kasey interviews inspiring educators and leaders from around the globe.

The Shake Up Learning Show is fully-loaded with lesson ideas, tech tips, and best practices!

Each episode includes a link to the full blog post and show notes for visual support.

Episodes range from 35-60 minutes (1 hour PD credit for each episode.)

New podcast episodes added each weekly!

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